Irène Strijdhorst dos Santos

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France | Portugal | Angola | Brazil

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Migration | Portugal-Angola-Brazil | Colonial memory

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Irène Strijdhorst dos Santos_x000D_ Irène Dos Santos is a research fellow at the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) at the University of Paris 7, Paris Diderot, on the research unit Migration & Society (URMIS). She holds a PhD in social anthropology from the École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS-Paris), where she leads the research seminar "Memory and heritage preservation of migration". Based on fieldwork conducted in France, Portugal, Angola and Brazil, her research interests lie at the intersection of anthropology of migration and an anthropology of memory that pays attention to the social, cultural, territorial and historical (dis)continuities and the construction of collective identities observed through kinship, racial, national and transnational experiences. Her current work is about colonial memory and "lusophone" imperial imaginaries, through the study of transnational migrations, in the past (Portuguese 'retornados', 1975) and present (transnational families between Portugal-Angola-Brazil). She is the author of various articles and book chapters published in French, Portuguese and English and the co-author, with Pierre Primetens (film director), of two documentary films ("Immigration portugaise: mémoire des lieux", 2006; "Festival of the boys", 2009). She is an editorial board member of the review "Lusotopie" (Brill).

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