Organizing 2020 NAFA International Ethnographic Film Festival

Principal researcher: Catarina Alves Costa

Research group: Practices and Politics of Culture


Inter-Cultural Communication | Ethnographic Film | Visual Archives | Museology

Funding Institution

EEA Grants - Bilateral Funds


Norwegian Anthropological Film Association (NAFA); The University Museum of Bergen; NOVA FCSH; Museu Nacional de Etnologia



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This application is centered in a matchmaking initiative - Meetings between Portuguese and Norwegian partners in order to organize an event, the NORDIC ANTHROPOLOGICAL FILM ASSOCIATION FILM FESTIVAL (NAFA) in September 2020 in Lisbon, at the National Museum of Ethnology. We want to get to know each other and start prepare a program that will include, in addition to the film festival, a conference, several workshops and the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the NAFA with a retrospective of films and renowned international filmmakers as guests. To organize this complex event, we propose two moments of encounter between the partners - one in Lisbon and the other in Tromso. The first meeting will be in Lisbon, with the two representatives of the institutions involved, who are actually the founders of NAFA: Peter Crawford and Frode Storaas. In this first moment of the initiative, a meeting will be held with the director of the National Museum of Ethnology (MNE), Dr. Paulo Costa, the NAFA representatives and the CRIA team (Catarina Alves Costa, Teresa Fradique, Rodrigo Lacerda) involved with the Portuguese NAFA edition. The meetings will have the following schedule and activities: a visit to the facilities of the Museum including Auditorium, Workshops halls, Exhibition, a visit to the Museum of Popular Arts, lunch and a visit to hotel units in the area of Belém with a view to the accommodation proposal for the event. The second set of meetings will be held in Norway with Prof. Peter Crawford, honorary member of NAFA. We will meet at UIT Artic University Norway, where one of the most important departments of Ethnographic Film in the world is located, Tromso. This meeting will deal specifically with the organization of the celebrations of 40 years of NAFA. After that, two of the Portuguese organizers of the event will present a workshop about Portuguese documentary. These are meetings that will allow the detailed definition of the actions to be taken to successfully organize Nafa Festival in 2020, its budgeting, and a schedule that we believe guarantees greater communication between the parts involved, who will have to work together intensively in order to make the Portuguese NAFA Film Festival edition possible.


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Amaya Sumpsi

Circulation and Place-Making

Carlos Lima

Catarina Laranjeiro

Hans Frode Storaas

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Inês Mestre

Practices and Politics of Culture

Paulo Costa

Peter Crawford

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Practices and Politics of Culture

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Teresa Fradique

Practices and Politics of Culture