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Journal article

Making the invincible Tigers: embodiment, discipline and violence in LTTE training camps

Mantovan, Giacomo. American Ethnologist. 2022. Under Revision

Journal article

Argan oil trade and Access to Benefit Sharing: A matter of economic survival for rural women of the Souss Massa, Morocco (Forthcoming)

Montanari Bernadette. TBC. 2022.

Journal article

The anthropologist 'as if' a (speculative) designer - an alternative fictional device for (teaching) anthropology

Gaspar, Andrea. Social Analysis. 2022. Under Revision


Racialization of Mobile Portuguese labor, migrant associations and multi-cultural democracy in New England (19th century to present)

Moniz, Miguel. United States. 2022. Under Revision


The Human Cost of Epic Heroes: the captured, conquered and working folk of European maritime expansion.

Moniz, Miguel. Sussex Press. United Kingdom. 2022. Under Revision


The Azorean Atlantic in English Pirate and Privateer Seafaring Chronicles and other English translations: a comprehensive reader

Moniz, Miguel. Gavea Brown/Bellis Azorica (Tagus Press). Providence, RI , United States. 2022. Submitted

Journal article

De la subalternidad del Trabajo Social y la dualidad teoría-práctica (como fuente de todos los males).

Caria, Telmo H.. Propuestas Críticas en Trabajo Social.. 1. 2. 2022. in press

Book chapter

Shaping the landscape, preserving the knowledge: How terraces in the High Atlas of Morocco retain traditional ethnobotanical knowledge (In prep)

Montanari Bernadette. The Oxford Handbook of Mountain Archaeology. Francesco Carrer, Hayley Saul, Philippe Della Casa, Federica Fontana, Sabine Reinhold, Martin Callanan. Oxford Press. United Kingdom. 2022.

Encyclopedia entry

Community Empowerment

Lopes, Eunice R. ; Simões, João T.; Nunes, Maria Rita. Encyclopedia of Tourism Management and Marketing (Dimitrios Buhalis (Ed.). Edward Elgar Publishing. 2022. Accepted

Journal article

Tourism and Gastronomic heritage: a case study

Lopes, Eunice R. ; Simões, João T.. Journal of Tourism and Heritage Research. 2022. in press